Adult Fiction


    When the woman was thirteen, her first period delivered dreams of drooling, cherry-cheeked babies. She pictured swollen breasts and peasant blouses lightly kissed with spit-up. She declared her womb destined for motherhood. 

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Wedding Shoes

For an entire year, Erin, mother-of-the-bride and marathon event planner, dragged her daughter Megan, the bride-to-be, to dress fittings, cake-tastings, and venue viewings. Just the day before, Erin had made the final purchase—white, silk designer heels. 

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The Sister Dance

Dressed in hues of a gathering storm, my daughters, Pam, Lisa, and Jennifer, sat in their childhood bedroom like wallflowers at a high school dance. 

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The Wrinkled Tea Bag

         Karen reluctantly drove to Regina’s house to take her to the monthly meeting of the ‘Tea Bags’. Would she back out again? Karen dreaded the game of beg-and-plead. If Regina agreed to go, this would be her first outing since her husband of forty years, had died. Karen had faced challenges with her friend ever since that day. 

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Bird's-Eye View

The English professor covered the boardwalk in her efficient stride. Amazed, yet again, at the abundant Florida wildlife. The week before, she encountered her first alligator, an eight-footer, lounging in a colleague’s backyard while she navigated anthills the size of dinner plates. Now, she was eye-to-eye with two enormous birds. 

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The Half-Baked Committee

“The new guy worries me. I prefer our old pastor.”

“The guy was ninety-four!”

“His sermons were as dry as my daughter-in-law’s Thanksgiving turkey.”   

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