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Who We Are

Eric Hammond, Sharon Keller Johnson, and Kimberlee Esselstrom began as critique buddies and quickly became friends for life. We anagrammed our names and came up with Rhino Smacker Press. (Eventually, you were going to ask.) We are working hard to publish our next two books by early 2018!

Rhino Smacker Press

Our First Book! >>>>>>>>>

Milky Way Rising

by Sharon Keller Johnson

Middle Grade Fiction


Here we are at the launch party for Milky Way Rising! 

Buy the book at rhinosmackerpress.com and get a signed copy and custom bookmark.

<<<<<<<<< Our Next Book!

Mischief Makers

by Kimberlee Esselstrom

Release date: February 2018

Adult Fiction

Find out more at rhinosmackerpress.com