My first novel was three pages long. 
Something about a monkey. From there my stories have woven a tapestry of travels and adventures, lives lived well, and poignant memories.

The words are how we peer into the human soul and get a glimpse of real, beautiful, tangled life.

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A short story or two is always in the works. I have dozens of characters in line to audition. I also write novels. Mostly about women, and for women, of all ages.


My essays are about flowers, pencils, balloons. But really about memories, travel, and fears.


This is the most difficult genre to write yet I keep trying. Kids are smart. They know when you are talking down or covering up.
thoughts and musings.
Bangkok By Boat

Bangkok By Boat

After many visits to Bangkok, it was time to ride in a long-tailed boat. We often watched these slim boats speed across the Chao Phraya River.  My name is Lucky! Our expert guide helped us clumsily clamber onto the bobbing boat. She told us that long-tailed boats...

Summertime Birthdays

Summertime Birthdays

When I was a kid, a summer birthday was a bummer. My brother’s birthday is the day before mine. On July 23rd (his B-day) or the 24th (mine) we often shared a cake that was frosted and candled in gender-neutral colors. The guest list was mostly neighbors and cousins...

Swimming With the Moon

Swimming With the Moon

The plaster in my backyard pool is peeling in great chunks. The deck is cracked. But until we refurbish the outdated pool, my husband keeps it clean and clear.  My personal pool guy! Read Swimming With Strangers in Shanghai. Swimming is my favorite form of...

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