I grew up in northern Wisconsin. Married at eighteen and packed a van for California and adventure. Had four amazing kids. Eventually moved to Florida where I now call home.


I love to travel. Asia and Scandinavia have particularly stolen my heart. Wherever in the world I land, I find water (pools, lakes, oceans, fountains . . . ) so I can swim. Or just get wet. It is good for my soul.


I spend my days writing. In my spare time I sew anything from Barbie clothes to a Santa hat for an elephant. I’ve learned to tune my own piano and bake bread when the spirit moves. Bobbing in the pool with my husband is the best part of my day. But mostly, I write.

My novels, short stories, and essays are filled with slices of everyday life, real and imagined. I especially love to write Family Friction. It should be its own genre. 

I hope you’ll join me within those pages.

Let’s stand in the rain

with no umbrella.

I meet many

of my characters in the airport.

Leavin’ on a jet plane.

Don’t know when I’ll get back again.

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