Traveling for business means less time for sightseeing.

Fortunately, my husband and I snuck in some colorful moments in Bangkok.

The food. Oh. The food.

Unfortunately, when it comes to meals, I concentrate on eating, not taking photos.

So many meals. So many missed photo ops!

Duck, duck, rice, goose!

Prawns in creamy fruit salad.

                                                                             Fruits and Snacks

Dragon fruit, my favorite!

Longan. I call it the eyeball fruit.

Rambutan. Now available at Walmart!

Spicy nuts with fried taro root.


Friendly bartenders.

One Night in Bangkok

Shang Palace

Bangkok 89

Horizon Cruise at Sunset

Thai Chang beer on tap.


Colorful Cocktails



Lumpini Park— named after Buddha’s place of birth in Nepal.

Bicycle covered in ferns.

Artificial lake.



Tributes to Thailand’s King Vajralongkorn and his mother the queen, throughout the city.

King Vajralongkorn’s image on street corners, public buildings, and houses.

Queen mother in blue.

Queen mother in red.

                                                          Vibrant temples and shrines.

Tribute to elephants.






Bangkok: A colorful feast for the palate, the eyes, and the soul.

What are the colors in your life?


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