The world has become increasingly self-sufficient since the beginning of Covid-19.

Those who used their ovens for storage have learned to bake bread. Others dusted off sewing machines to make masks.

When household cleaners were absent on the store shelves, people concocted their own.

My favorite floor cleaner!

And check out instructions for reusable/washable toilet paper!  

During Zoom meetings, I’ve watched my colleague’s hair turn an attractive shade of gray. Besides saving money, she is loving her new carefree natural look!

Facebook is filled with people tackling remodeling jobs they would have normally trusted to professionals. YouTube videos are making “experts” of us all.

For most people, the pandemic has drastically altered daily routines.

Mine—not so much. 

Before DIY was a popular acronym, it was my way of life. I cooked family meals from scratch. Eating out was saved for special occasions.

Sorry kids!

I sewed matching clothing.

I still cut my own hair and manicure my nails. (Maybe not the best idea!) And I workout at home with weights and a yoga mat.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m heartbroken that neighborhood restaurants, hair salons, and gyms are suffering or closing because of Covid. The DIY skills we learned were born out of necessity—a temporary substitute for the beloved services lost. Humans and their touch are missed the most—the favorite waitress who knows your order (and calls you “Hun”)—the barber who tames your son’s cowlick while listening to the details of his first home run—or the personal trainer who pushes and prods your body to a limit you could never achieve at home . . . alone. 

DIY is not for everyone. Nor should it be for every-thing. I say this as I listen to the lawn mower outside my window. We haven’t mowed our own lawn for over a decade. So thankful for skilled workers in the service industry! 

What has Covid inspired (or forced) you to DIY? 


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