Flying over Helsinki, Finland, the ground is blanketed in snow. My Florida boots are getting a workout this winter. 

Instead of making snow angels, sightseeing, or visiting relatives, this two-week trip will be spent in isolation, writing the last few chapters of my novel-in-progress. If weather permits, I might take a train to the city.

Being here conjures fond memories of visits past

My first trip to Finland in 2002, introduced me to the bright bold designs from Marimekko, the Helsinki Cathedral, Sibelius Monument (composer Jean Sibelius 1865-1957), and fresh cooked salmon at Market Square.


Bike riding and berry picking

Useful tool for gathering lingonberries

In 2010 my husband and I traveled with relatives to a B&B near the Russian border. First, the water pipes froze. Then we lost electricity.

A dark and stormy night
Melting fresh snow

We Drove Farther North . . .

Olavinlinna—15th century castle
Savolinna, Finland
The northernmost medieval stone fortress still standing
Kerimäki, Finland
The largest wooden church in the world

And Farther . . .

Santa Claus Village
Arctic Circle
Science center and museum of Finnish Lapland

Time to eat!

Reindeer on my plate!
Reindeer on the Road!
The land of open-face sandwiches
After sauna snack

Let’s heat the sauna!

Public sauna near a frozen lake
No swimsuits allowed

Games, board books, and comic books

Finns love their books. Tove Jansson’s chubby hippopotamus-like Moomin family has stolen my heart.

Same book—English and Finnish

My Finnish roots first drew me to Finland. But this country’s tranquil beauty continues to call me back.

Where is your favorite place to rest and rejuvenate?


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