To prepare for a bedroom remodel, I moved my clothes to another room.

What a variety of hangers!

Circle hanger
for swimsuits.
Space-saving skirt
hanger for shorts.

My husband’s favorite hangers are stainless steel. The first time he pulled a shirt from one, it clanked and clanged next to its neighbors—an annoying indoor wind chime. They’ve moved to the guest room.

I also have twenty-year old wire hangers from the dry cleaners. One of these days I’m going to make homemade Christmas wreaths.

Petal-shaped hangers
for scarfs.

I can’t bear to get rid of the unused plastic hangers with clips. These dried our laundry when living in Hong Kong. The washer/dryer combo barely washed and never dried.

Years ago, I reluctantly donated a bag of colorful hangers for kids.

1977 wedding suit.
Nifty tie hook!

Once, I made decorative padded hangers to eliminate shoulder bumps. Instead of the normal paperclip-sized wings, my upper arms looked like I was smuggling ping pong balls. Now my sweaters are clamped onto trouser hangers.

Hangers of blue and green rubber-coated metal do double-duty as serviceable supports and treasured souvenirs. Slippery straps stay put. They are also quiet when dangling in an empty bunch. We purchased these in Shanghai, China. The hotel only provided a handful of hangers for a several months’ stay.

We rely on the lowly hanger, yet keep its talents hidden behind closed doors.

What under-acknowledged gadget do you appreciate?


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