If you’re reading this Reflection, you’ll know I won my latest battle with technology!

Now you, my beloved subscriber, will see a photo and a few sentences of my latest Reflection—not just my name in your inbox.


To accomplish this task required several YouTubes and multiple steps from MailChimp’s online instructions.

I’ve won the battle, but my war with technology rages on. 

Updating a device requires learning a new interface. What’s an interface? Before that, I have to Google how to back up important data. Then I channel Christopher Columbus for navigational skills.  

It seems like minutes after I install a new Smart TV, its technology is incompatible with my latest Streaming service.

And how many remotes do we need?

With so many cords, each room in my house has a power strip. They live on the floor and collect dust.

Multiple cords are not the problem when wireless and Bluetooth capabilities refuse to cooperate. In my youth, Bell Telephone System was a high-tech miracle. Dial a few numbers on a rotary phone and Wisconsin reached out and touched California.

Now, Smart phones can talk to washing machines and dryers. I’m making our old (low-tech) dryer last as long as it can. Last week, my husband squeezed inside the claustrophobic dryer drum. A cup of lint, two candy wrappers, and forty-seven cents later, we ordered a new part. Fingers crossed. 🤞

Just when I find myself loathing technology, my cousin will send a Facebook message from Norway.

Then I’ll find photos of relatives making bread in Finland or hiking in snowy Sweden—everyday moments I’d miss if we only kept in touch through Christmas cards.

During the coronavirus, Zoom meetings with my writing group has become a necessary lifeline.

The easy connectivity of Zoom has encouraged us to be more productive than in the past. Libraries are using Zoom to unite readers with their favorite authors!

Technology may bamboozle me, but for the most part I find it exciting to be living in these most extraordinary tech-filled times.

Have you embraced technology or wished it would go away? 


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