When Kermit the Frog laments of being green like the leaves, I think of Central Florida—green year round. It’s difficult to tell when summer ends and autumn begins.

Our Christmas photos were typically taken in November, in the yard or by the pool. And because of mostly green foliage, it could have been any month of the year.

Sure, Florida has deciduous trees that change color when temps drop, but not like the spectacular displays in colder parts of the country. 

The autumn photos on Facebook showed falling leaves and changing hues from Minnesota to Georgia.

I reminisced about the joy of jumping into a pile of leaves and the earthy scent they left on my clothes and hair.

Kermit sings that green doesn’t always stand out like red or yellow or gold.

My husband and I ventured to upstate New York in search of color.

We drove north from Saratoga Springs. Yellows and reds peeked through thick rows of still very green trees.

We were a week early for the full-on spectacle. But the cool weather was a relief—a break from humid 90-degree Florida days.

Like kids, we ran around gathering leaves.
Marveled at beautiful Lake George.

The last day of our trip, New Yorkers broke out their heavy coats as we headed for the airport.

At the end of the song, Kermit is happy with being green. He says it’s the color of spring and that green can be cool and friendly.

Floridians ARE cool and friendly. And mostly barefoot.

As much as I miss the visible changing of the seasons, I love living in Florida. When winter comes, we are proud to be green. No shoveling the white stuff here!

What is your favorite season?


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