“Do one thing every day that scares you.”     

Eleanor Roosevelt

It’s February! How are your resolutions coming along? For me, new habits are more likely to stick—the healthy kind—if started on a random day of the week in the middle of the year.

One SCARY thing a day?

I don’t think Eleanor was encouraging people to watch horror movies, teeter on edges of tall buildings, or to pet poisonous spiders.

Maybe Eleanor meant . . . one thing that challenges us.

As a writer, I am told to network and market myself. Talk about scary! With fear and trembling, I joined two groups for women writers. Over a Zoom coffee chat, I met fellow authors and learned new marketing strategies. Success!

Scary things could include calling an old friend, bringing chicken soup to a sick neighbor, or apologizing to your mate.

Sweet Molly

I’ve written about things that scare me—blowing up balloons and petting dogs.

I’m also terrified of pressure cookers. In 1975, after ours blew its top, my mother and I spent the evening cleaning spaghetti sauce from the kitchen ceiling. There are lawyers that handle pressure cooker lawsuits! Who knew?

After thirty years, my husband cut off his long ponytail. This courageous act equaled days and days of scary things! 

The definition of scary means: frightening; causing fear.

Instead of scare tactics to begin a new day, I attempt one brave thing a day. The word brave feels full of oomph and possibilities.

I love over-easy eggs, but never make them for fear of breaking the yolk.

It’s not pretty, but I did it! 👏

What brave thing will you do today? 


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