Always writing. For love of people, travel, and life.

Welcome! Happy you’re here. In these pages you’ll find stories that are slices of life—like warm blueberry pie, chocolate layer cake . . . or that soufflé that fell.

While life can be sweet, it’s also complicated. I write about relationships and what that four syllable word symbolizes.

Four syllable words describe my characters and their journeys.


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A short story or two is always in the works. I have dozens of characters in line to audition. I also write novels. Mostly about families, friends, and the relationships in between.


My essays are about flowers, pencils, balloons. But really about memories, travel, and fears.


This is the most difficult genre to write yet I keep trying. Kids are smart. They know when you are talking down or covering up.

thoughts and reflections.

Why I Write

Why I Write

For several months I've neglected my Reflections. Happy New Year! I'm back! During my hiatus, someone asked me, “Why do you write?” That question led me down a rabbit hole of pondering. 🐇 Authors are used to the usual inquiries: Where do you write? Some writers find...

Reading Aloud

Reading Aloud

I read to anyone who would listen! The Gingerbread Man was the first book I learned to read. Grab tissues! Even so, my mother still read to me at bedtime. Bambi: A Life in the Woods took several reading sessions. It was NOT the Disney version. When Bambi’s mother...

Hung up on hangers

Hung up on hangers

To prepare for a bedroom remodel, I moved my clothes to another room. What a variety of hangers! Circle hanger for swimsuits. Space-saving skirt hanger for shorts. My husband's favorite hangers are stainless steel. The first time he pulled a shirt from one, it clanked...

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