Always writing. For love of people, travel, and life.

My first novel was three pages long. Something about a monkey.

From there my stories have woven a tapestry of travels and adventures, lives lived well, and poignant memories.

The words are how we peer into the human soul and get a glimpse of real, beautiful, tangled life.

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A short story or two is always in the works. I have dozens of characters in line to audition. I also write novels. Mostly about families, friends, and the relationships in between.


My essays are about flowers, pencils, balloons. But really about memories, travel, and fears.


This is the most difficult genre to write yet I keep trying. Kids are smart. They know when you are talking down or covering up.

thoughts and reflections.

First World Problems

First World Problems

When my computer crashed and I was beyond frustrated, my son said, “It's only a First World problem, Mom.” True. This annoyance was minor in the grand scheme of life.  Living in the United States—a land of privilege and opportunity—we have time to focus on...

Hanging Duck

Hanging Duck

I cook and bake a lot. Unless we’re traveling, my husband and I eat every meal at home. When the kids were young, shepherd’s pie, spaghetti, and stir-fried chicken made regular appearances. But I longed to try new recipes. In the early 1980s, I devoured a Julia Child...

Bad Spellers Untie!

Bad Spellers Untie!

I love words. Even so, certain words trip me up every time I need them.  Confession: Throughout my early adult years, I misspelled congratulations—congrad-ulations. When the popular shortened version ‘congrats’ came into use, I had an embarrassing ah-ha moment. ...

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